October 2017 – Monthly Purchases

I made two large purchases this month. The first was Vanguard’s Total Stock Market ETF (VTI). The second was Northrop Grumman (NOC). This continues my objective to offset individual stock picks with a total market index fund.

8 shares of VTI @ $131.10/share ($1,048.76)
1 Share of CSCO @ $33.82/share ($33.82)
3 shares of NOC @ 295.11/share ($885.33)
2 shares of MGA @ 54.40/share ($108.80)
1 Share of CSCO @ $33.34/share ($33.34)

October was a slower month for my dividend income. Nevertheless, I made two Cisco (CSCO) purchases using dividend income for the month. My CSCO holding is getting closer to the size of some of my other holdings, and it was funded all with dividends.

VTI is a no-brainer choice. I like to increase my VTI holding each month if possible.

Northrop Grumman (NOC) is my newest holding. 1.34% dividend yield, 30% payout ratio, and dividend increases for 13 years in a row. Its dividend growth rate has hovered around 12% for the last five years consistently. This fits all my requirements. I already own Boeing, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin, but adding NOC gives me a little more diversification in the aerospace/defense sectors.

Magna International (MGA). Last but not least, I had some money left over and decided to bolster an existing position. I chose MGA.