Halftime Check-In | Portfolio Goals 2021

Back in February, I created 6 portfolio goals for the year. Now that we are six months through 2021, it’s time for a halfway point check-in!

Before I even review my goals, I’ll go over my strategy for hitting them. The truth is, I have not consciously modified my investing strategy. If anything, my goals may have inspired me to contribute more than I might have otherwise, but that’s it. If that is the case, I am thankful for setting goals and pushing myself!

Goal 1 – Max tax shelters (78%)

  1. Contribute $6,000 to my Roth IRA (100%)
  2. Contribute $19,500 to my 401k (59%)
  3. Contribute $7,200 to my HSA (76%)

I maxed my Roth IRA asap this year, and have regular 401k/HSA contributions through work. I am slightly ahead on my HSA because of a job change where I benefitted from two employer contributions.

Goal 2: $10/day in taxable dividend income (44%)

I started at $260/month in average taxable dividend income this year. My calculations tell me I’m currently at $280 halfway through the year. I need to get to $305 per month to officially say I’m averaging $10/day.

I may not hit this one, and that’s ok. I don’t want this goal to affect my low-yield investment style. Many of my favorite companies yield under 1% and I’m ok with that!

Goal 3: Contribute at least 50% to VTI (100%)

I’m happy to say I’m doing well on this one. I set this goal so I would remain disciplined. I see VTI as an unbiased investment choice, and have liked seeing my holding grow.

I’ve invested 51.5% of my 2021 contributions into VTI this year, so I’ll say I’m meeting 100% of the goal.

Goal 4: Contribute $2,500/month in new money (100%)

I’ve actually been able to contribute much more thanks to a new job in April. I’ve put most of my new income into savings while my monthly expenses have remained the same. I actually covered this goal this month (even if I made no other contributions in 2021)!

Goal 5: Strengthen my base holdings (77%)

  1. Increase holdings with market value over $3,000 from 8 to 17 (67%)
  2. Spread $12,000 of new contributions over BLK, RSG, MDT, TXN, PG, SBUX, AVY, TRV, HRL, NEE, AWR, and NDSN (87%)

I only need to get three more holdings over $3,000, which shouldn’t be a problem (ignoring market fluctuations). My closest holdings are NEE, PG, DIS, and AWR. I love Disney stock, but find it hard to buy more shares while their dividend is suspended. NEE, PG, and AWR are all stocks I do plan to buy more of this year, which will help both goals 1 and 2 here.

Goal 6: Water my growers (42%)

If Goal 5 focused on my mid-range holdings, Goal 6 focuses on the very top of my portfolio. These holdings in January were made up of AAPL, MSFT, V, UNH, and LOW, and my goal was to put at least $5,000 towards these in total.

Turns out I have only put $2,084 toward five of my top holdings this year. This is a wake-up call! I don’t think I should have any problem hitting this goal this year, but I didn’t realize I’d contributed so little toward these. It is mentally tough when their prices are always near all-time highs, but they are all great companies.


  • I’m ecstatic with my contributions quantity this year
  • I need to give some attention to the largest holdings in my portfolio
  • I need to come to terms with not hitting $10/day in payments averaged over the whole year. There’s always 2022! I won’t give up on this yet, but it will be tough.