April 2019 Dividend Income

I received $88.70 in taxable April 2019 dividend income. My classes are taking my full attention and energy (hence the late April update – I know, I’d July), but it is nice to be so busy that I hardly pay attention to my portfolio!

Auto-pilot was my mindset this month. Can’t wait until I get over $100/month for my off-months.

Dividend Growth

Lots of old stalwarts from my earliest days of my portfolio. KO, PPL, and KMB were attractive because I knew the businesses. They’ve been around a long time, but aren’t the fastest growers. I’m most excited about CSCO this month. I’ve added a few more CSCO shares recently and am starting to see some tangible effects!

I’d have to invest $209 at my current 2.32% portfolio yield to increase my income that much.

Forward Dividend Income

Purchases – HRL and CSCO

Purchased 2 shares of Hormel (HRL) @ $40.14/share

With no new contributions, I’m just reinvesting dividends as they accumulate. This makes HRL a nice option because of the low share price!

Purchased 1 share of Cisco (CSCO) @ $55.10/share

I miss the days when I could pick up Cisco in the low $30! Nevertheless, I’d like to have Cisco higher up on my list of holdings, and I still like buying them at higher prices than I have in the past.

Head on over to my portfolio page if you’d like to see what companies pay me in other months!

One thought on “April 2019 Dividend Income

  1. Glad to see you posting again, Dozer.
    Good progress in April on the dividend front. Consistently receiving $100/mo. is on the horizon for you.
    I like the HRL purchase. Keep building that portfolio!

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