All My Dividend Growth in 2018

Last year, I was inspired by Engineering Dividends’ post on weighted portfolio growth, who was actually inspired themselves by Passive Income Pursuit’s post.

Engineering Dividends just did a 2018 post, and inspired/reminded me again!

First, I made columns for my 2018 holdings:

  • Ticker symbol
  • Annual dividend frequency (4 for quarterly stocks, 2 for DIS and ACN)
  • Shares owned at time of dividend increase
  • Dividend payment per share at time of increase
  • Dividend payment at time of increase
  • Percent dividend increase
  • Total Dividend Paid by Portfolio in 2018

Next, I made a new column to calculate Weighted Dividend Growth using the same formula as Engineering Dividends and Passive Income Pursuit:

Percent Increase * Dividend Payment * Shares Owned * Annual Dividend Frequency / Total Dividend Paid

My 2018 weighted dividend growth totaled to 12.42%! For comparison, my 2017 growth was 7.39%.

I made a deliberate effort in 2017 to refocus on dividend growth. My early investments reflected my tendency to grab high yielders, and now I focus on low yielders with more room for growth.

2018 was also a good year for dividend increases in general, so I’m not sure if I will keep up this 12.42% growth going into 2019.

ABBV, VTI, TXN, MO, and BA were my top 5 dividend growth drivers. This takes into account my holding value along with its dividend increase(s).

3 thoughts on “All My Dividend Growth in 2018

  1. Hey Dozer… Glad to see you made the calculation, too. Awesome 2018 results!
    It appears you used a different formula than me. Perhaps you are striving to obtain a more accurate/detailed growth number? The multiple line items for some companies appear to reflect multiple dividend raises during the year. Is that right?
    Regardless, 2018 was booming for dividend raises. Congrats!

    1. I haven’t forgotten about your comment, ED! I wanted to give it a full run-through, but I’ve been consumed by classes I’m taking. On one hand, I miss playing with my spreadsheets, but on the other hand, it’s nice to be busy. I know you’ve been busy the last month or two also. I’m going to keep going with my equations for now, but hopefully I’ll be able to sit down and go through them in a week or two. As always, I appreciate your attention to detail and feedback (and honestly can’t wait to see if I need to fix something!). For now, I’ll have to leave it hanging.

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