November 2018 Dividend Update

I received $94.33 in taxable November 2018 dividend income. This is my off month, and it will be great when it passes $100! Almost there now.

In life news, I had a lot happen this month. A surprise main drain line replacement dented my emergency fund (glad I had replenished it!). My new job announced they were being acquired as well, so I have some uncertainty with my position. For now, I will pull back on the portfolio contributions. I should have more job clarity sometime in December.

I have to say – it’s great having a healthy savings for when times like this come up. I’m nowhere near ready to retire, but my dividend income is a nice cushion in case I get laid off! My emergency fund kept me from stressing too much about the main line replacement, possible job turmoil, or wedding expenses in December.

November 2018 Dividend Growth

Some nice increases from TXN and ACN! Verizon’s increase was in line with their previous five or so increases. Verizon was one of my first buys, but I have since focused on lower yields and higher growth potential.

November 2018 Forward Dividend Income

Gray bars show future dividends from this month’s new contributions. Red bars show future dividends from this month’s raises and reinvestments.

The background area shows average monthly income from this point forward. Light gray is from my own contributions. Yellow is from reinvestments, and green is from dividend increases.

At this point, I have $20/month coming in forever thanks to dividend growth and reinvestments.

November 2018 Purchases – CINF, DIS, UNH, ADM

These purchases were made prior to my drain line repair and news of my company being acquired. After these, I will probably just reinvest and hold off on new contributions for a while.

1 share of Cincinnati Financial (CINF) @ $77.88/share

57 years of dividend growth. It isn’t a flashy tech stock, but it was time to add just a bit to my existing shares.

1 share of Disney (DIS) @ $115.16/share

I’ve had some Disney since very early on, but I’d like it to be more represented in my portfolio. I’ve now added two shares in 2018 (for a total of 12 shares).

3 shares of UnitedHealth (UNH) @ $263.71/share

After starting a decent position in UNH last month, I knew I wanted it to be among my top couple of holdings. I doubled my investment in it this month and look forward to holding this one for a very long time.

1 share of Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) @ $48.51/share

42 years of dividend growth and a 39% payout ratio. As populations keep growing, I think ADM is a great company to have.

Head on over to my portfolio page if you’d like to see what companies pay me in other months!

3 thoughts on “November 2018 Dividend Update

  1. Dozer –

    A very solid month from a portfolio standpoint. Further, the savings and dividend income is there for you – during interesting times that you are in. Guess what – you’re a smart man and it’ll all be okay, I know it. Congrats DD and looking forward to reading more!


  2. Definitely sounds like you have a lot going on, Dozer. Just one of those three items is enough to deal with on its own.
    Too bad about having to replenish the emergency savings once more, but it came in handy again.
    You are moving real close to consistent 3-digit dividend income months. Hopefully, you’ll get a chance to add capital again real soon.
    Go TXN. I got to share that awesome raise with you.

  3. Those are some headwinds Dozer. Good luck!

    Allmost $100 in an off month got to be excited about that! Love your small purchases. Made a few buys myself recently. Post inbound in a few days.

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