June 2018 Dividend Income Update – End of Quarter!

I received $153.91 in taxable June 2018 dividend income.

The third month of the quarter is when my sizable VTI holding pays out, along with quite a few other taxable holdings.

In other news, I’ve maxed my 2018 Roth IRA. I’ll be more prepared when January 2019 comes around. Nothing makes me happier in the short-term than buying shares in dividend growers in my taxable account!

June 2018 Purchases

1 share of Hormel (HRL) @ $36.16/share; 1 share of Cisco (CSCO) @ $43.80 (Taxable Account)

My Hormel and Cisco are really turning into formidable holdings in my portfolio, thanks to reinvested dividends.

1 share of Accenture (ACN) @ $162.07/share (Taxable Account)

As I resume taxable contributions, ACN, MDT, and MCD are a few of my priorities to build long term holdings in.

1 share of Medtronic (MDT) @ $85.99/share (Taxable Account)

Just a strong company that deserves more room in my portfolio. I’ll keep picking up shares.

1 share of McDonald’s (MCD) @ $164.67/share (Taxable Account)

Another strong company that I want to add significantly more of to my portfolio. Slow and steady!

1 share of Texas Instruments (TXN) @ $112.80/share (Taxable Account)

My original purchase in early May of last year at $79.32 has been one of my better investment decisions. I was past due to add more TXN. Better late than never? 

4 shares of VTI @ $144.16/share; 8 shares of VXUS @ $56.70/share (Roth IRA)

Finally! My 2018 Roth IRA contributions are maxed out. Same as before, I added low-fee, broad market ETFs (VTI/VXUS). I actually intend to restructure my Roth IRA into a simpler total stock/total bond ratio in July. I also took much longer to max out my Roth IRA than usual this year due to my surprise bathroom remodel. That will be a lesson going forward. I can’t wait to get back to my hobby account

June 2018 Dividend Growth

June’s dividend growth was very meager! I’ll still take it. I have to appreciate the JNJ, NOC, and TRV increases. Yield on Cost will improve as the years go on. I haven’t added to SO, IBM, or FLO since my initial purchases and they are not high on my list to add more shares to my portfolio.

My dividend increases in June totaled up to $6.04 in additional annual income, which would have required $255 of additional investments at my current portfolio yield of 2.37%.

June 2018 Taxable Income


June 2018 Tax-Sheltered Income


Head on over to my portfolio page if you’d like to see what companies pay me in other months!

6 thoughts on “June 2018 Dividend Income Update – End of Quarter!

  1. Congrats on maxing out your Roth IRA, DD. I max mine out every year too but it takes me the whole year to do it. I think your way is better.

    I like the purchase you made in June. Like you, I want to increase my holdings in McDonalds. I’m not sure why it took me that long to invest in that company.

    Finally, although June’s dividend growth was small, it is still moving in the right direction. Looking forward to seeing how July treats you.

    1. Thanks DP! Just added two more MCD shares yesterday. Another 4-5 shares and MCD will be one of my main holdings.

      The good thing about maxing my Roth IRA early is that 1) it prioritizes that account in case something comes up and I suspend contributions later in the year, and 2) gives me a handful of tax-sheltered dividends more than if I contribute to it evenly throughout the year.

  2. That’s a good-looking group of companies paying you in June, Dozer. I always come across a few companies in your payers that I don’t own, but would like to. This month, that includes BA, MMM & MSFT.
    Those dividend raises look pretty good. First you had 7 raises, which is awesome. Then, it looks like 6 of them beat inflation, and 1 matched it. Not too bad if you ask me. I’ll root for bigger raises in the 2nd half for you!
    Nice work maxing out the Roth IRA for 2018. Will you be feeding the taxable portfolio next?

    1. Thanks ED! BA, MMM, and MSFT are always tough to add because they don’t often go on sale. I’ve tried not to shy away from companies trading at a premium, but it’s still hard to add more BA after their recent skyrocket.

      I think MSFT would add some good tech representation in your portfolio. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are so universal. I like their switch to subscription-based services and think their CEO is leading rather than reacting. I read an article that actually compared them to a new-age utility company. Instead of gas or electric, they provide tools that practically every person needs to use regularly.

      BA has a huge moat and a stellar backlog of orders.

      MMM products are a part of every business and every household, and is one of the most legendary dividend growers.

      Three great companies in my opinion! Thanks for stopping in – I always appreciate your thoughts and insights. For the rest of the year, I plan to feed the taxable portfolio. I’ll always be squirreling away funds for my wedding!

  3. Very nice month Dozer. I love the list of companies and the one fund that paid you a dividend in June. We own many of the same names. Gotta love the impact of those purchases and dividend increases received during the year as well!


  4. Solid month Dozer, I like the companies paying you. It’s also great to see that you’re not afraid of picking up shares even though they raise your average cost on the stock. You just keep on buying, nice! It sometimes holds me back I guess. But the longer I wait the longer other people like you collect the dividends 🙂

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