February 2018 Dividend Income – While Refilling My E-Fund

I received $68.81 in taxable February 2018 dividend income.

I’ve been on the dividend growth investing sidelines for the last two months while I cover the costs of a bathroom remodel and emergency fund refill. What have I learned? Dividend growth investing sidelines are not that bad!

I’d much rather pour contributions in every month and watch my income grow, but I actually get to watch my dividend income grow all by itself. I can thank ABBV for most of this growth this month.

I didn’t make any major purchases this month, but I still picked up a share of PFE and a share of HRL with February dividend income.

For now, I’ll keep my dividend growth portfolio on autopilot. I have to give priority to rebuilding my emergency fund. I’ll make another post, but I also used this time to consolidate an old Roth IRA account from 12 years ago into my Vanguard portfolio. This will knock my expense ratio on that $4,500 down a full 1% (I know, embarrassing, but better late than never).

February 2018 Dividend Growth

ABBV: 10.94% dividend increase, boosting my annual income $4.20.
HRL: 10.29% dividend increase, boosting my annual income $0.70.

Total additional income: $4.90. That is the equivalent of an additional $214 invested at my portfolio’s 2.29% yield that I didn’t have to invest!

February 2018 Taxable Income



Head on over to my portfolio page if you’d like to see what companies pay me in other months!

12 thoughts on “February 2018 Dividend Income – While Refilling My E-Fund

  1. Congrats! You tripled your income in comparison to 2017. I own AAPL and TXN too. I picked up TXN after the post earnings price drop. AAPL in February.

  2. Solid results Dozer! Good that you are choosing your emergency fund over new investments. Walking the talk!

  3. Looking good, Dozer. Gotta like 100%+ YoY growth.
    Smart move to make other financial moves (consolidating the old Roth IRA to lower that expense ratio) while you put new capital into rebuilding the emergency fund.

    1. Thanks ED. Taking a little break from contributing/purchasing leaves me with idle time, and streamlining is a good use of time! The lower expense ratio is a nice bonus.

  4. That 1% lower in expenses will be huge. I’m glad you got that swapped over. Like you said better late than never. Congrats on a great month! Keep that snowball rolling!

  5. Dividends seem pretty consistent so far this year. Looking forward to seeing you break the triple digit mark in March. I like the buys also. PFE is on my watch list and I own HRL already.

    1. Thanks Daze! PFE and HRL are hopefully both going to be good to hold for a long time. Both of their share prices are good for investors like me who don’t DRIP, but rather let dividends build up until we can buy another single share with a no-commission brokerage. I’m always interested in DGI stocks in the $30-$40 range for this reason.

  6. The beauty of DGI. Whether you are active or passive (sidelines) the income continues to roll in. Not a bad total for the month of Feb. from a pretty varied list of names. Keep picking up a share here and a share there when you can. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks DivHut. It’s been tough being on the sidelines, but buying one share here and there is enough to get my fix 🙂 Soon I’ll be in a good position to cover my Roth IRA and make then get back to making some taxable contributions.

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