November 2017 Dividend Income (Trimming Weeds, Watering Growers)

I received $73.10 in taxable November dividend income. My November portfolio restructure continued my trend toward higher growth, lower payout ratio holdings. My overall yield has therefore dropped down to 2.22%, but heavy contributions and large dividend raises have kept my total dividend payments about the same as this time last quarter.

TXN (Texas Instruments) is one of my larger holdings. Its 24% dividend increase was a home run for me this month! My yield on cost is now already up from 2.5% to 3.1% and hopefully Texas Instruments has a lot more room to grow.

I received my final dividends from HCP and OHI in November. They are both popular dividend-paying REITs, but were casualties of my portfolio restructure. Together, they paid me $21.78 in November dividends. My dividends at this time next quarter may be down again, but I will continue to contribute and build a portfolio more focused on dividend growth like the 24% bump that TXN just gave me.

November Dividend Increases

VZ increased their dividend 2.16% earning me $0.85 more per year.

TXN increased their dividend 24.00% earning me $6.24 more per year.

OHI increased their dividend 1.56% earning me $0.68 more per year. I recently sold my OHI but collected this last dividend.

$7.77 in November raises is the equivalent of investing $259 for a 3% yield that I don’t have to invest!

November Taxable Dividend Income


Head on over to my portfolio page if you’d like to see what companies pay me in other months!

11 thoughts on “November 2017 Dividend Income (Trimming Weeds, Watering Growers)

  1. Loving your results and your visualisations. It makes everything a lot more “real” the just plain text.

    Awesome TXN increase, the makers of my high school calculator. I’ll add them to my watch list!

    1. TXN does have the lock on the high school calculator market! Aside from that though, they make chips for phones, cars, factory equipment, and a lot more. Their dividend growth the last few years has been great.

  2. Hey Dozer, looks like you get to start making YoY comparisons starting this month. Eyeballing it from your chart… is it roughly 600%? Woohoo! I like the restructuring you are doing, despite the yield reduction (now we don’t have the same portfolio yield anymore!). I’ve contemplated moving the REITs out of my taxable portfolio, too, but have left it for now. Wish I had TXN in my portfolio… I’m sure there will be a chance to add it in the future given a pullback. I just need to keep watching it. Take care.

    1. Good eye EngDiv! I’ve been looking forward to the YoY comparisons. To be exact, it went from $10.73 to $73.10. How is that for some nice symmetry! Just have to switch the numbers around the decimal place. 581% increase. It’s taken a lot of contributions to get there, but it’s really starting to move. I keep contributing, but I notice my reinvested dividends are really boosting my monthly purchases too now. Thanks for stopping by again!

  3. Great month. It will be interesting to watch your dividends over the course of next year. It will show how your portfolio restructuring is doing and if it is paying off. Will hurt to not have any REIT but you still have plenty of quality companies that will pick up the slack and save you a few tax dollars.

    1. I’m definitely scaling back my current dividend yield. After holding HCP and OHI for the last year, I really enjoyed the dividend payments but I couldn’t help but notice my other holdings were appreciating in value a bit more. I do think I’ll hold REITs sometime in the future though!

  4. Congrats on a good November showing from a solid, diverse group of stocks. I understand you wanting to do some house cleaning with your portfolio recently. It can get out of hand over time with repeated buying. One thing about CALM, from what I know, is that their dividends vary each time based on earnings. So from quarter to quarter dividends may go up and down. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by DivHut! You are right about CALM varying their payments each quarter. They actually have an interesting dividend policy. Each quarter they are profitable, they pay 33% of their earnings in dividends. If they are not profitable for a quarter, they pay no dividend and only resume dividends when they make up for the negative profits of that quarter and any negative quarters that follow.

  5. Great November dividend income! I also hold OHI and it was nice to receive their div. Their price has recently dropped and I have been contemplating picking up a few more shares but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Amazing results Dozer. Love the increase from TXN and some of the other companies that paid you a dividend this month. Isn’t this a lot of fun? Who couldn’t like receiving dividends from great companies. Cannot wait for December.


  7. It’s incredibly fun Bert! Amazing gains seemingly every day. Even more fun though – knowing our dividend streams are coming from companies that generally haven’t cut their dividends through many downturns. Every new contribution and reinvestment is a win/win. Can’t wait for December as well.

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