November 2017 Dividend Income (Trimming Weeds, Watering Growers)

I received $73.10 in taxable November dividend income. My November portfolio restructure continued my trend toward higher growth, lower payout ratio holdings. My overall yield has therefore dropped down to 2.22%, but heavy contributions and large dividend raises have kept my total dividend payments about the same as this time last quarter.

TXN (Texas Instruments) is one of my larger holdings. Its 24% dividend increase was a home run for me this month! My yield on cost is now already up from 2.5% to 3.1% and hopefully Texas Instruments has a lot more room to grow.

I received my final dividends from HCP and OHI in November. They are both popular dividend-paying REITs, but were casualties of my portfolio restructure. Together, they paid me $21.78 in November dividends. My dividends at this time next quarter may be down again, but I will continue to contribute and build a portfolio more focused on dividend growth like the 24% bump that TXN just gave me.

November Dividend Increases

VZ increased their dividend 2.16% earning me $0.85 more per year.

TXN increased their dividend 24.00% earning me $6.24 more per year.

OHI increased their dividend 1.56% earning me $0.68 more per year. I recently sold my OHI but collected this last dividend.

$7.77 in November raises is the equivalent of investing $259 for a 3% yield that I don’t have to invest!

November Taxable Dividend Income


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