October 2017 Dividend Income – One Year of Investing

I received $66.61 in taxable October dividend income. Compared to $130 a month ago, it’s a bit of a letdown, but I never buy dividend growth stocks based on what month they pay. The first month of the quarter just happens to be my slowest.

I’m also slightly below my July total, mostly due to Disney paying twice per year instead of quarterly.

I’m excited to see CSCO paying me $2.03 this month. My CSCO holding is made up entirely of purchases funded by prior dividends. Robinhood doesn’t offer a dividend reinvestment plan, so I buy Cisco shares when my dividends accumulate enough to afford one share. Not exactly a traditional dividend reinvestment plan, but it works for me and I come out commission-free.

This month also marks my taxable account’s one-year anniversary. I finally start seeing some year-over-year comparison data starting with November’s update. Dividend growth investing is the investment strategy I’ve actively stuck with the longest, and I have no intention of slowing down. I can’t wait to keep reinvesting and growing my income stream every month.


Dividend Increases

IFF increased their dividend 7.81% earning me $1.51 more per year.

MO increased their dividend 8.20% earning me $4.54 more per year.

RSG increased their dividend 7.81% earning me $1.94 more per year. PFG has been increasing their dividend quarterly.

That is the equivalent of investing $266 for a 3% yield that I don’t have to invest!

October Taxable Dividend Income

October Retirement Dividend Income

I also received $14.10 in non-taxable dividends which were reinvested into my retirement accounts.

Not much to look at this month. My retirement account dividends are mostly paid in the third month of each quarter or at the end of the year. My Vanguard Bond and International Bond index funds do pay monthly, so I have a little income/reinvestment from them.

I recently detailed my 401(k) situation and why I still want to contribute despite no employer match.

Head on over to my portfolio page if you’d like to see all my holdings. I hope everyone else had a great October too!

2 thoughts on “October 2017 Dividend Income – One Year of Investing

  1. Congrats on 1 year for the taxable account. It will be nice to have the YoY comparisons moving forward. I like those dividend increases you had, too – all over 7.5%. You can’t argue with that.

    1. Thanks EngDivs! I’ve definitely been striving for higher dividend growth and this was the best month by far for me in that department. Hopefully this will be more of a continuing theme.

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