May 2017 Monthly Purchases (looking back)

My dividend growth portfolio was really taking shape. I spent a lot of May bolstering my current porfolio with some heavy contributions, but I also picked up a few new stocks. Here’s what I came out with in May 2017.

I am writing this looking back from September 2017.

1 share of RSG (Republic Services, Inc.) @ $63.04/share ($63.04)

I still feel great about the future of waste handling. Another no-brainer investment into a position I already had established.

2 share of CINF (Cincinnati Financial Corporation) @ $70.98/share ($141.96)

Another company I already owned, but wanted to own a bit more of. Not only that, but the price had dropped substantially from when I first bought it at $79.99/share. I picked up a few more shares.

1 shares of BA (Boeing Co) @ $183.78/share ($183.78)

After doubling down a bit on CINF, I went the opposite direction on Boeing. I originally picked up a few BA shares for $158.70, but Boeing is one of those companies that you will always have to buy at a high. I felt good doing this with Boeing.

4 shares of RTN (Raytheon Company) @ $158.14/share ($632.56)

Another company that enjoys remarkable steady appreciation, I knew I would always have to buy at all-time highs if I ever wanted more of a piece of this in my portfolio. I pulled the trigger and have continued to watch it perform for me.

13 shares of TXN (Texas Instruments Incorporated) @ $79.32/share ($1031.16)

I love Texas Instruments! I am probably a bit low on technology stocks, but I had my eye on TXN for a while. It screams the word “healthy.” In Sept 2017, its yield is 2.37% and payout ratio is 48%. It has shown few signs of slowing down in the last five years and I look forward to adding more to this holding in the future. Their most recent dividend hike was a staggering 32%. We will see what the next one holds.

1 share of CSCO (Cisco Systems, Inc.) @ $33.35/share ($33.35)

As I sat on my computer looking for something to do with my few remaining funds, I read into Cisco. I also looked around and saw Cisco stamped on almost every network component my computer was hooked up to. Not only are they a clear leader, but they also have a high 3.57% yield with a nice 53% payout ratio. I was surprised to look at their recent dividend increase history and find some massive increases. We will see if they continue along this line. Similar to PFE and HRL, the share price is in the low $30 range which is great for when my dividends pile up enough to add another share. PFE, HRL, and CSCO holdings will be funded almost entirely by dividend payments from the rest of my portfolio!

3 shares of HD (Home Depot Inc) @ $156.03/share ($468.09)

Another no-brainer addition to a company I already held. I only had two shares before, so it’s good to see a more substantial investment into one of my favorite companies.

1 shares of MSFT (Microsoft Corporation) @ $68.08/share ($68.08)

This portfolio is getting easier! More and more, I can add shares to companies I already own and feel good about. My Microsoft holding is one of my favorites, so why not grow it by another share?

1 shares of PFE (Pfizer Inc.) @ $32.34/share ($32.34)

I still had enough left over from this deposit to pick up another share of PFE. I’ll continue to buy PFE, HRL, and CSCO one share at a time since I pay no commission and they are low share prices.

5 shares of V (Visa Inc) @ $92.59/share ($462.95)

This is exciting for me. I never would have considered any stock yielding below a 1% dividend yield in the beginning. I feel great about this Visa purchase though.

I look at this purchase as another big step toward building a long term, dividend-paying portfolio.  I wish I began this journey years ago, but luckily I still have many years ahead of me to let dividend payments and share price grow. Visa looks to be one of the best in both those departments.

Yield is at 0.63%, and payout ratio is at 19%. Visa’s share appreciation is the definition of steady, and I believe it has room to grow as more transactions occur online across the world. Visa’s business model is scale-able too. As their business increases, they don’t necessarily need to make more products to handle the new customers and transactions.

I can’t wait to hold Visa and add to it as time goes on.