November 2016 Monthly Purchases (looking back)

These a few more of my very first stock purchases. I stumbled around for a bit, hit my head, and generally had no idea what was going on. I hadn’t stumbled onto the idea of dividend growth investing yet. Here’s what I came out with in November 2016.

I am writing this looking back from September 2017.

20 shares of KO (The Coca-Cola Co) @ $42.27/share ($845.4)

I began to pay more attention to strong dividend history. Could I be any more predictable then with buying KO? I have felt good about this purchase since day 1. Again, I was influenced heavily by the high yield, but I look forward to holding this one forever and collecting the steady dividends.

29 shares of HCP (HCP, Inc.) @ $30.65/share ($888.85)

High dividend yield! I do feel good about healthcare REITs as I feel the population continues to grow and people will always need care in a facility. I am not expecting double-digit dividend growth here, but am glad to see they spun off QCP to focus on what they are good at. I won’t make another purchase like this, but am interested to see how this one fares.

8 shares of KMB (Kimberly Clark Corp) @ $113.4/share ($907.2)

I am glad to see I made this purchase in my early investing days. I am sure I will eventually add more to this position, but it is still my 15th largest holding in September 2017. I am confident in the continued steady dividend growth. I believe people will continue to use paper products for a very long time.

14 shares of RCS (PIMCO Strategic Income Fund, Inc) @ $8.76/share ($122.64)

I had a few dollars left over from my last deposit and got sucked in by high yield big time. Luckily this is only a $122 lesson and I still continue to hold. I plan to sell after the one-year mark as it has actually appreciated since I purchased it, although it has undergone a dividend cut. While it continues to pay a high yield and has grown in share value, it doesn’t quite belong in my long-term dividend growth portfolio.